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Traffic signs, stencils and bumper blocks are useful in parking lots everywhere. When accompanied by clearly designated parking spaces, these features keep vehicular traffic moving through the area properly. In fact, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) indicates that a certain number of parking stalls must be reserved for men and women who are handicapped. With bright signage, carefully stenciled symbols and firmly placed bumper blocks, you can count on a safe and secure experience for all of your customers.

Traffic Signs

To ensure that your business patrons can move through the lot carefully, you’ll need to consider the following things:

  • Building entrance locations
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Streetlight locations
  • Nearby schools
  • Parking lot size

All signs will be firmly affixed to the ground. In some cases, the bottom of the sign will be encased in concrete so that it doesn’t topple over during severe weather events. While our workers can replace old signs with new ones, they can also help develop property design ideas for more effective signage.


Stencils are often used for parking space messages, fire lanes and especially handicap parking spaces. Properly performed stenciling jobs will allow visitors to easily spot parking stalls reserved for them.

Bumper Blocks

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Bumper blocks are made of a variety of materials and are placed near the end of parking spaces. They protect vehicles from hitting pedestrians or other vehicles, and are also especially effective in spaces against sidewalks.

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All County Asphalt can add signs, stencils and bumper blocks to any parking lot. Not only can these bring your parking lot up to code, but can also provide your business with a fresh, professional look. To get started call us at 845-356-4800 or fill out the Free Job Estimate form. Serving the entire Rockland County, New York area!

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