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Orangeburg Driveway Paving All county Asphalt specializes in property excavation and demolition. We are fully equipped to handle any job, whether it’s demolishing a large building or simply excavating a small area. With over 20 years of experience in preparing properties for pavement and building construction, All County Asphalt can help you develop a comprehensive plan for property development.

How We Work

Prior to beginning any work, we meet with our clients on-site to develop a plan of attack. Our experienced consultants guide you through the process of obtaining any required permits or other requirements associated with excavation or building demolition. We can also arrange for the removal of any materials or earth from the job-site if necessary. If further development is required for the property, All County Asphalt can help with additional needs such as grading, drainage, and base preparation for parking lots, asphalt paving or concrete installation.

About All County Asphalt

All County Asphalt in Rockland County, NY has a tremendous amount of experience working with excavation and demolition. We’ll help put together a plan of action that meets the specific requirements of your project. Contact us today to get started at 845-356-4800 or fill out the Free Job Estimate form.

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