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While properly installed and maintained pavement can withstand the natural elements for many years, asphalt repair is an inevitable part of any parking lot or driveway. As pavements age they begin to lose flexibility causing cracking and the beginning of several pavement defects. When addressed early on, defects can be kept at bay for many years with inexpensive maintenance and repair techniques. However, as pavements and their underlying structures age, defects such as depressions, alligator cracking and potholes become unavoidable.  All County Asphalt offers a wide range of cutting-edge Orangeburg asphalt repair techniques that address all types of asphalt defects.

Traditional Pothole Repair

When the full depth of the pavement and underlying base must be removed and replaced, traditional pothole repair is the most effective form of repair. This type of repair, also known as “full-depth replacement”, is meant to address structural issues that can’t be fixed by replacing the upper layers of the pavement alone. When large areas of pavement need to be replaced, traditional pothole repair is used to address all types of pavement defects including depressions, alligator cracking, upheavals, structural failures and more.

During the winter, when it’s too cold to use traditional hot mix asphalt, cold-patch mixtures provide safe and secure solutions until hot asphalt can be brought in when the temperatures rise. All County provides high-quality emergency pothole repair year-round to keep parking lots, drives and roads safe for drivers and pedestrians alike in the New York and New Jersey surrounding areas.

Infrared Pothole Repair

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Infrared Pothole Repair is a cutting-edge pavement technology that allows most potholes to be permanently fixed in as little as 15 minutes. With infrared repair, the defective pavement is heated and softened with the use of large infrared panels. Once the pavement softens it can be raked in place to eliminate the defects. New asphalt is then added to the existing and bonded seamlessly to the surrounding material. Because there is no “saw-cut” as you find with the traditional method (i.e., because no asphalt is being taken out) there is no seam between the old and new pavement. This seamless repair offered by the infrared method means no water can penetrate the patch and cause more problems. In most cases, infrared repair is the superior method of asphalt repair.

Crack Repair

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Small cracks in the pavement should always be treated before they grow into larger alligator cracks, which can begin to tear apart the pavement surface. We use high-quality, polymer-based materials to lock moisture, chemicals and debris out of the underlying pavement structure. Crack repair is your first and most effective line of defense in protecting your pavement investment. A regular pavement maintenance program with crack repair and asphalt sealcoating can as much as double the life of your pavement.

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All County Asphalt can address all of your asphalt repair and maintenance needs, from small cracks to large potholes. Our workers will be happy to set up a project schedule that works for you. Fill out our quick response form for a free job quote or call us at 845-356-4800 to schedule your asphalt maintenance and repair.

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