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  This efficient process uses infrared rays in order to heat existing asphalt in-place. Similar to microwaves, infrared rays produce heat deep inside an object, which enables us to get deep penetration asphalt repair without causing burning, scaling, or separation of the asphalt from the aggregate. In order to create the infrared rays, premixed gas and air are delivered under pressure to energy converters. The materials used in the converters, combined with specific engineering procedures, generate the maximum amount of rays with minimum convection heat produced. The rays are then channeled to the desired location through a series of reflective panels. The higher the concentration of rays directed to a specific area, the deeper the penetration and the more uniform the softening process. The Infrared Asphalt Repair & Restoration Process can be used for numerous applications on virtually any asphalt surface. Below is a list of possible applications:
  • Utility Cuts
  • Underground Cables
  • Potholes
  • Street Imprinting
  • Cracks
  • Manhole Covers
  • Bridges
  • Ramps
  • Expansion Joints
  • Frost Heaves
  • Parking Lots
  • Seams
  • Joints
  • Road Shoulders
  • Drain Gutters
  • Keyholes
  • Phone Lines
  • Birdbaths
  • Trenches
  • Catch Basins
  • Airports
  • Curbs
  • Reshaping Water Flow
  • Drains
  • Tennis Courts
  • Railroad Crossings
  • Cobblestone Restoration
  • Smoothing Roads for Contract Bonus
  • Drying Asphalt for Stripers
  • Thermoplastic Striping
  • Drying After Wet Grinding
  • Many More Uses!

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