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NY Asphalt Sealcoating

All County Asphalt offers asphalt sealcoating services designed to prevent the premature degradation of your parking lot and/or pavement surfaces. Sealcoating is a critical part of any asphalt maintenance program and can greatly extend the life of your pavement investment. The rich black color of a newly sealed lot will also increase your properties curb appeal and attract new customers.

All County Asphalt has specialized in commercial asphalt sealcoating since 1994 and offers full-service pavement maintenance to businesses of all size. Markets we have served include: Retail Businesses, Shopping Malls, Property Management Companies, Apartment & Condominium Communities, Corporations, Industrial Parks, Schools, Municipalities, Airports and much more.

A Look at the Sealcoating Process

To ensure that your pavement is properly sealed, we’ll begin by thoroughly cleaning the entire surface. Dirt, grime, vegetation and other organic debris will be removed. Chemical or oil stains will be primed so that these don’t seep up through the new sealant. Cracks, potholes and other irregularities will need to be carefully filled beforehand. 2 to 3 coats of sealant are usually applied depending on the level of traffic and according to your strict specification. We use only high-quality commercial sealants proven to offer the highest level of protection for your pavement.

Specific Sealcoating Benefits

Sealcoating offers a number of benefits that help increase its longevity and keep your parking lot and pavement surfaces looking their best. When sealcoating is a regular part of your pavement maintenance program it can:

  • Prevent oxidation
  • Guard against cracking
  • Provide a barrier against oil, gas and other chemicals
  • Protect against the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun
  • Attract customers by improving the appearance of your property

Choosing All County Asphalt

All County Asphalt offers sealcoating services to commercial businesses in Rockland County, Orange County and adjacent areas of northern New Jersey. Customers can count on reasonable prices and reliable service every step of the way. For more information, give us a call at 845-356-4800 or fill out our free NY Asphalt Sealcoating estimate form for a fast friendly job estimate.

View photos from the sealcoating process below:

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