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All County Asphalt prides itself on the satisfaction of its New York and New Jersey customers. Whether it’s a large shopping mall or small driveway, the All County team is committed to providing the same unbeatable finished product and customer service. View a few of our recent projects below and give us a call at 845-356-4800 or fill out our Free Job Estimate form for a fast, friendly consultation.

Asphalt Milling & Paving Project

All County Asphalt specializes in milling existing pavement for recycling and repaving asphalt overlays, repairs and resurfacing. We recently completed this milling and paving project for a local apartment community. View the pictures below and give us a call at 845-356-4800 or fill out the Free Job Estimate form.
Rockland County Paving Project
Orange County Asphalt Milling
Bergen County Paving Project
NJ Asphalt Milling
New Jersey Pavers
Orangeburg Asphalt Milling
New York Pavers
NY Asphalt Milling

Night Paving Project

Sometimes businesses have a difficult time closing down during the day and request that we perform our services at night. This project is a perfect example of our commitment to meeting the needs of our customers. View the pictures of our after hours paving project below, and give us a call at 845-356-4800. You can also fill out our Free Job Estimate form to get started.
NJ Asphalt
New Jersey Asphalt Paving
Bergen County Asphalt
Orange County Asphalt Paving
Orangeburg Paving Contractor
NY Asphalt Paving
New York Paving Contractor
Bergen County Asphalt Paving
rockland county asphalt driveway
NY Asphalt Contractor
bergen county paving
NJ Asphalt Contractor

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