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As with all projects large or small, proper preparation helps to ensure a better quality outcome. With our nearly 50 years of experience as leading Asphalt Contractors we take the time to understand every job and then provide the highest quality service possible.

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A properly finished driveway, parking lot or access road will enhance your property’s professional appearance and value. At All County Asphalt our experience team will address all aspects of the job starting with planning a proper drainage system. Improper water flow can cause premature damage to asphalt surfaces.

Before beginning the grading process, we will do a site assessment and create a plan of action to ensure proper grade and slope for water drainage. Once we have graded the ground and prepared for proper water drainage, we can begin preparation for the installation of the asphalt surface. Grading is key to providing a level base for the job. Poorly graded and prepared property can result in large areas of standing water which could cause extensive damage.

It is crucial that you have your job completed by an experienced contractor such as All County Asphalt. We have nearly 50 years of combined experience in grading, base prep and drainage construction and have delivered superior results for commercial property owners in Rockland County, Bergen County and Orange County.. For more information on our grading, drainage and base preparation services contact our Asphalt Paving Company at 1-845-356-4800.

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