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All County Asphalt is a full service paving company. Family owned, we provide high quality asphalt installation and maintenance. The asphalt paving process begins with a thorough inspection and examination of your New York or North New Jersey commercial property. With over twenty years of experience we’ll be able to determine whether your pavement would benefit from repairs or whether a complete replacement is in order.

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If your pavement has seen better days but isn’t yet ready for replacement, we may recommend repairs such as crack filling and patching, an asphalt overlay, or a combination of various repairs along with an asphalt overlay. If your pavement has reached the point where it will no longer benefit from repairs, we’ll recommend a complete replacement. Once we’ve determined the best course of action for your commercial drive, parking lot, or roadway, we’ll begin installing the asphalt using state of the art technology and equipment. With the asphalt installed we can then add striping for parking spaces or traffic lanes. The crisp contrast of asphalt with white or yellow enhances the appeal of your business as well as providing added safety for your customers. We can also add curbs, gutters, and sidewalks to your project, again enhancing the appearance of your commercial property.

We know how important your customers are and large commercial properties can be paved in sections allowing access to your business’s entrance throughout the duration of the the project. The combination of high durability and low maintenance makes asphalt a cost effective choice for your business. High quality pavement can make a world of difference to your Rockland County, Orange County, or Northern New Jersey commercial property. Plus asphalt is one of the most commonly recycled materials so you’re also doing good for the environment.

At All County Asphalt we provide excellent service and the highest quality work. For more information, call All County Asphalt Contractors at 845-356-4800, or fill out the Free Job Estimate Form on our website.

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