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Maintaining parking lot striping is key to having a safe environment outside your business. Striping and parking lot markings clearly define the correct areas for parking, fire lanes, handicap parking, loading zones, and so forth. Weather, heavy traffic, sunlight, and other factors can slowly fade striping, causing confusion for your customers as well as potential safety issues. Clear markings can reduce your liability as a property owner, since faded or missing pavement markings can lead to accidents.

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All County Asphalt is the expert in planning and executing proper striping and pavement marking. We have a combined 50 years of experience and are confident you will be pleased with the results.

Some of the pavement marking services we can provide include:

• Handicap/wheelchair parking areas

• Loading zones

• Pedestrian walkways

• Parking lot striping

• No parking zones

• Fire lanes

• Playgrounds

• Building entrance and exit marking

• Indoor parking and warehouse marking

Due to the wear and tear that parking lots and pedestrian walkways receive, re-striping should be considered every few years. Don’t wait until the striping has faded away; re-striping should be considered a critical part of your property maintenance plan.

If you have any questions about our Asphalt services, or are interested in a striping plan or quote, please call 845-356-4800, email us at, or fill out our job estimate form at We look forward to serving you, and hope you will consider us for your next project.

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